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I want to wear beautiful shoes again

Shoe shopping can be frustrating at the best of times when you can’t find what you want. Then add on top of this, all the footwear recommendation tips you must consider to ensure you’re not going to aggravate your particular foot pain complaint any further, and you’re literally striking shoes off your list before you even start!

And when it comes to bunions, you need to consider is it soft enough so it’s not causing too much friction over that bunion? The width: to ensure you can comfortably accommodate that bunion in an enclosed shoe…The style; strappy and open toed so you can fit the bunion in between the straps…but wait! You don’t want to have your feet on display because you don’t like the way they look!

Now is the time to do something about this shoe problem you’ve been having, because the longer you leave it, the longer it’s going to be before you can start feeling excited about wearing those shoes you love, again!

Here’s what you can do about it!

Foot Mobilisation Therapy fixes the cause not just the symptoms

By addressing the cause and putting the structures of the foot back into the correctly aligned position, the muscles, ligaments, and tissues around the joints aren’t working harder than they need to – which often results in the inflammation and pain that you may be feeling in your feet, such as heel pain, toe pain and arch pain. What this means in terms of the bunion, is that if you can reduce the angle of deviation of the big toe joint through FMT, the bunion doesn’t protrude as much, which means a far more comfortable fit in shoes, no rubbing, and no pain…and you can also feel better about the way your feet look too!

And to maximise the benefits of your Foot Mobilisation Therapy treatments, your practitioner will also likely prescribe specific corrective exercises. These are done from the comfort of your own home in just a few minutes a day and ensure that you achieve the best possible results by helping your foot strength, flexibility and balance improve; allowing you to maintain the corrective changes quite independently for the long term.

Everything works best when it’s in the right place!

When restoring the normal range of pain-free joint motion using FMT and corrective exercises, your feet become more correctly aligned and can function as nature intended, therefore allowing the incredible power of your body’s internal healing system to work its magic. This allows you to naturally heal your foot pain problems in most cases without the need for orthotic insoles, the “clunky” special shoes to fit them in, drugs, or surgery so that you can start wearing the shoes you love again, feel more excited and confident with what you’re wearing, and get back to the activities you enjoy.

If you’ve had enough of battling with being unable to wear the shoes you love and want to feel more confident and excited about what you’re wearing once again, then please reach out to find out if Foot Mobilisation Therapy is the right option for you.

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