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Extremity Drop Board Techniques


Training aims to teach you an easy and effective way to deliver manipulation therapy using Drop Board device. Extremity joint manipulation can be rigorous work for the manual therapist. Large patients with chronically restricted peripheral joints are very difficult to manoeuvre manually, especially if the practitioner’s hands are small, or the practitioner does not have a good palpation skill. Therefore, the Extremity Drop Board has been used for the delivery of high velocity adjustive thrusts. The online training is mix of both theory and practical videos, presenting the techniques step by step. Course contents: 1- Introduction 2- Review of foot joints 3- How to use the Drop Board 4- Antero-Medial Talus Adjustment 5- Antero-Lateral Talus Adjustment 6- Antero- Posterior Talus Adjustment 7- Posterior Calcaneal Adjustment 8- Lateral & Medial Calcaneal Adjustment 9- Lateral & Posterior Navicular Adjustment 10- Dorsal MTJ Adjustment 11- Cuboid Adjustment 12- Distal Fibula Head Adjustment 13- 1st Metatarsal Adjustment 14- Plantar Metatarsals Heads Adjustment 15- Knee Adjustment- Internal Tibia Rotation 16- Knee Adjustment- Posterior Tibia Adjustment 17- Knee Adjustment- External Rotation of The Tibia Condyles on The Femoral Condyles 18- Knee Adjustment- Internal Rotation of The Tibia Condyles on The Femoral Condyles 19- Contraindications & Precautions - Practical videos to learn the techniques - Unlimited access FOR ANY REASONS IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS TRAINING PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND I WILL REFUND YOU .................. MONEY GUARANTEED The Extremity Drop Board Designed by Dr Thuli in 1982 while attending Palmer College, these drops have withstood the test of time and will serve you well! To order your Drop Board visit: and get 10% discount when you order. just mention you are attending this training.



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