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Initial Assessment £60

Foot or lower limb pain? Joint, muscle, tendon or difficulty when walking or performing your favourite activities? 

Foot Mobilisation is a gentle ‘hands-on’ treatment that improves the mobility, function and posture of your feet., designed to release connective tissue restrictions that interfere with normal joints function.

exercises and treatment plan discussed and accepted at this appointment.

Foot Mobilisation Therapy £30

Follow-up treatment for existing patients 

Foot Orthoses £85

Orthoses/ insoles are much like the tyres on a car or bike. They provide a critical, biomechanical contact point for the human body. Orthoses can be helpful in assisting in off-loading of painful structures in the foot, ankle and lower leg. 

Orthoses may prevent pain and functional restriction for a lifetime or may be used as a shorter-term tool during the rehabilitation process. 

Chiropody Treatment £35

Request this treatment if you are suffering from: long nails, thick nails,

In-growing toenail, Fungal nails,Corns, Hard skin, Crack heels, Athlete's feet, Diabetic foot assessment

A return period for your next visit will be discussed at each individual appointment to ensure your foot health is kept optimum for your needs. We usually recommend 6,8- or 12-week intervals between treatments.

Verruca Treatment £55

Verruca treatment using Cryotherapy or Verrutop (Nitrizinc complex)

Follow-up £35

Home Visit £45

In the comfort of your own home. Providing routine foot care- including nails cutting, removal of callus and corns. Diabetic foot screen. Padding and Insoles service available to comfort sore feet.          

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